Hittite Sun, 1956

Hittite Sun, which dates to the mid-1950s, relates to a now-lost commission for the Hilton Hotel in Istanbul and the still-surviving Ka Han wall installation, made during a brief period when Koral was taking small ceramic pieces cut in round shapes and inserting them directly into the terracotta surface. The term “Hittite” refers to an […]

Man Carrying a Goat, 1956

Eyüboğlu was deeply involved with the cultural movement known as Blue Anatolianism, which was founded by his brother, Sabahattin, a writer; the classicist Azra Erhat; and the novelist Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı. Locating the aesthetic heritage of modern Turkey in the heartland of Anatolia, this group embraced both ancient and modern production of Asia Minor, celebrating […]

Needles, Pins, and Nails, 1956

Eren began experimenting with collage in 1956, using metal objects pasted onto clay on burlap, as in Needles, Pins and Nails—or, in other works, oil paint applied over cardboard and mixed media, from seashells and pebbles to fragments of lobsters.