No. Red A, 1960

Before becoming a germinal figure in performance and installation art, Yayoi Kusama was one of the most original painters of the late 1950s and early ’60s. Her repetitive designs derive from the hallucinations she began suffering as a teenager, seeing dots and patterns covering everything around her. Her watercolors of the early ’50s often include […]

Sculpture Sketch, 1960

The arc of Tony Rosenthal’s career virtually constitutes a history of modern sculpture. Working initially in Chicago, he carved Art Deco adornments for building exteriors. While stationed in Great Britain during World War II, he discovered the works of Henry Moore. After war’s end, Rosenthal worked in an increasingly abstract style. He spent much of […]

Sun and Lion, 1960

Here Zenderoudi combines numerology and calligraphic forms—mostly illegible although some can be deciphered—with a stylized lion set before a solar background. In ancient Persia the lion served as an important cultural icon; in the 19th century it was paired with the sun to form the official emblem of the Iranian monarchy. Zenderoudi associated the lion […]