Simurg, c. 1961-1964

Ghandriz painted fabulous mythical creatures in a deliberately primitive, graphic style that evokes traditional Persian designs—as seen here in Simurg and in his double-sided Animals and Betrothal (G1975.93). A member of the Saqqakhaneh movement, he often referenced traditional Iranian decorative art, from the metal standards carried in religious processions to textile patterns. Born and raised […]

Animals and Betrothal (recto)

A leading Iranian modernist and a graduate of the Tehran Faculty of Decorative Arts, Ghandriz specialized in fabulous creatures rendered in a deliberately primitivizing and graphic style. The artist’s promising career was tragically cut short by a fatal automobile accident. After his death, Ghandriz’s contemporaries founded Talar-i Qandriz, an art club named in his honor, […]