Seascape with Dunes, 1962

Visiting Jackson Pollock in 1951, Helen Frankenthaler observed how he poured lines and pools of black paint onto raw canvas, creating an image that appeared to be stained into the weave instead of resting on top of it. Back in her studio, she experimented with thinning and pouring different hues, using oil paint to create […]

Village Mosque, 1962

This work is one of three in the NYU Art Collection from Pilaram’s series Mosques of Isfahan. For a discussion, see the entry for his Mosques of Isfahan (B), c. 1962.

Mosques of Isfahan (B), 1962

Faramarz Pilaram was—along with Charles Hossein Zenderoudi and Parviz Tanavoli—among the first modern Iranian artists to employ both calligraphic forms and Shiite iconography. These three mixed-media works (G1975.110, G1975.111, and G1983.12) in the Mosques of Isfahan series refer to the famed houses of worship in Pilaram’s native city of Isfahan, which were built during the […]