Door of the Heart, 1964

  Born in Bombay, Samant graduated from the city’s prestigious Sir J. J. School of Art in 1952, and joined the Progressive Artists Group that same year. His work draws inspiration from many sources, including the art of Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso, as well as from Basohli painting, the celebrated Pahari school whose ideas […]

A Mural Sketch, 1964

In 1964, as NYU’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences prepared to move into its new home in Warren Weaver Hall, Al Held was one of several artists invited to submit proposals for a lobby mural. Although he did not win the commission, his sketch was acquired for the NYU Art Collection. He later painted a […]

Yantra III, 1964

Prabhakar Barwe, born in Maharashtra, was the son of a Bombay film-industry artist and grand-nephew of the celebrated sculptor V. P. Karmarkar. Deeply influenced by Tantra, which he was exposed to while living in the holy city of Varanasi from 1961 to 1965, he is best known today for his abstract symbolist works whose forms […]

Virgin Night, 1964

M. F. Husain, perhaps India’s most celebrated and controversial artist, remains at the center of a debate in India regarding obscenity in art. Born to a Muslim Bohra family in Pandharpur, Maharashtra, he was raised in the city of Indore. At the age of twenty he left for Bombay, intending to pursue a career in […]

Fourth Dimension of the Artist, 1964

In The Fourth Dimension of the Artist and A Shower of Gold (G1975.121) Zenderoudi renders letters of the Persian alphabet as abstract forms cascading in multiple directions before a luminous field. By 1960 Zenderoudi had settled in Paris after the French government granted him a scholarship at the École des Beaux-Arts, where he was confronted […]