Night Street Scene, 1966

Often engulfed in shades of gray, blue, and black, Das Gupta’s luminous abstractions are vague homages to actual places and things. His earlier realistic landscapes—usually in watercolor or oil on canvas—are more obviously inspired by nature: sand dunes, rocks, and underwater life. Devoid of human presence, these works slowly evolved into fully abstract compositions, as […]

A Shower of Gold, 1966

This work’s title may allude to the ancient Greek myth of Zeus and Danaë, in which the god miraculously impregnates the beautiful mortal via a golden shower in order to produce a male heir, Perseus. The story bears special significance in Iran, since Perseus is the namesake of Persia, the name given to the region […]

Construction, 1966

A small wooden orb tacked with steel nails, Ahmadi’s Construction is at once alluring and threatening. Composed of everyday objects and marked by repetition, it was most likely part of a class exercise in sculpture in the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tehran—where Parviz Tanavoli was then head of the department. Ahmadi […]