Musical Notations, 1967

Internationally known for his prominent role in Iranian Revolutionary politics, Mir-Hossein Mousavi is also a visual artist and architect. During the 1960s, he studied architecture at Melli University. In the 1960s and ’70s, his architectural drawings and paintings were regularly exhibited at Ghandriz Gallery, which showcased the work of young artists experimenting with abstraction. At […]

Diver (also known as Prodigal Waterman), 1967

Kamran Diba is an architect, urban planner, and visual artist, as well as the founding director of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art. Educated in the United States, he has executed projects in Iran, France, Spain, Dubai, and the United States. His transnational sensibility and strong background in both Iranian and Western art speak directly […]

Print Apple 2, 1967

Armajani made Print Apple 2 as an announcement for an exhibition of his work entitled A Number Between Zero and One.1 That work, which comprised a computer print-out of all the digits in the number 10-205,714,079 stacked in a column that stood more than nine feet tall and weighed five hundred pounds, was later shown […]