Heech (Ring)

This ring reproduces, in miniature, a theme Tanavoli has frequently tackled in his well-known large-scale Heech sculptures, which translate the Persian calligraphic word heech (nothingness) into three-dimensional form.

Heech, 1972

In his sculpture entitled Heech, Tanavoli translates Persian calligraphy into three-dimensional form. Although the Persian word heech means “nothing,” the work is not meant to express despair or emptiness. Instead, for Tanavoli, the heech might represent creativity itself—the void filled by the artist’s imagination.[1] Tanavoli was a close friend and advisor to Abby Grey, who avidly collected his […]

The Queen’s Park, 1972

With its title conjuring up a royal garden and its directional arrows further enlivening an angled grid, this work brings together Mousavi’s early interests in government, architecture, and urban planning. The titular queen and grid-like composition may refer to the game of chess, which is thought to have arisen in China but is first recorded […]