Around the Fire

Akoral’s prints from this period depict daily life in the slums of Ankara: Around the Fire, seen here, shows men warming themselves over an open fire at the bottom and, in a smaller scale, a group of horse carriages at the top. Both this woodcut and Akoral’s Porters (G1975.271) capture a fleeting moment, as laborers […]


Porters, like Akoral’s Around the Fire (G1975.270), is organized around the contrast between a larger image below and a smaller one above. Here a lone standing figure, his arm on a basket, faces the viewer, while those in the upper register turn their backs.

Veiled Mask, n.d.

Raised in the city of Indore in Madhya Pradesh, Krishna was exposed early on to the International Style, an artistic and philosophical movement that focused on both the formal and social aspects of art and design. The Maharaja of Indore, an avid proponent, commissioned German architect Eckart Muthesius to design and furnish his famed Manikh […]