Global/Local 1960–2015

Six Artists from Iran

January 12–April 2, 2016

Global/Local 1960–2015: Six Artists from Iran

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Fritz Ascher: Expressionist

During the National Socialist era, the Berlin Expressionist Fritz Ascher (1893-1970) was temporarily imprisoned as a degenerate artist and political dissident and survived in hiding. The large-scale retrospective with approximately 70 works sheds new light on this once defamed and all but forgotten painter, presenting drawings, gouaches, and paintings from all phases of his career. […]

Global/Local 1960-2015: Six Artists from Iran

Organized by New York University’s Grey Art Gallery, the exhibition “Global/Local 1960–2015: Six Artists from Iran” features works by three generations of Iranian artists born between 1937 and 1982. The publication presents sample works by each of the six artists—Faramarz Pilaram (1937–1983), Parviz Tanavoli (b. 1937), Chohreh Feyzdjou (1955–1996), Shiva Ahmadi (b. 1975), Shahpour Pouyan […]