L’il Brown Brothers/Nikimalika

In conjunction with the exhibition Sheer Realities: A Celebration of Philippine Culture

In L’il Brown Brothers/Nikimalika, indigenous storytellers and colonial mythmakers reenact their versions of what happened at the St. Louis World’s Fair of 1904 through ritual, legend, and pseudoscientific narratives. The personal, spiritual, and political collide in the discordant and surreal space of the “Philippine Exhibit.”

As the preeminent Filipino American theater company in the U.S., the Ma-Yi Theatre Company develops, produces, and presents plays and performance works exploring Filipino and Filipino American experiences. Copresented by the Asia Society and the Ma-Yi Theatre Company.

Starts 4/28/00 8:00 pm
Ends 5/21/00 8:00 pm
Participants Ma-Yi Theatre Company
Location The Grove Street Playhouse, 39 Grove Street
Cost $15


Program Types: Performance