From Page to Film: The Birth of New Wave Iranian Cinema

In conjunction with the exhibition Between Word and Image: Modern Iranian Visual Culture

Presented by Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, this film series focuses on the First Wave of Iran’s New Cinema, which began in the early 1960s. Curated by Dean Pari Shirazi, the films underline the relationship between cinema and literature in Iran.

Wednesday, September 25, 6 pm
Dash Akol (1972). 101 minutes.
Written, directed, and edited by Masud Kimiai, after a short story by Sadeq Hedayat. Produced by Hushang Kaveh. Music by Esfandiar Monfared-Zadeh. In this tale of suppressed love and honor, Haji Agha, on his deathbed, entrusts his wife and daughter to Dash Akol, an honest, valiant and highly regarded man. But Dash Akol falls madly in love with Haji Agha’s daughter, who is much younger and under his paternal care.


Wednesday, October 16, 6 pm
Dead End (Bonbast, 1977). 82 minutes.
Written, directed, and produced by Parviz Sayaad, after a plot by Anton Chekov. Edited by Ruhollah Ememi. Music by Mojtaba Mirzadeh. A young woman entertains romantic fantasies that an acquaintance seeks her hand in marriage. When the man asks to visit her family, fulfillment of her fantasy seems within reach. Things are not as they appear to be, however, and the true purpose of his visit turns her world upside down. Based on a plot by Anton Chekov, this film was banned during the Shah’s regime and remains so under the present Iranian government.

Wednesday, November 13, 6 pm
Prince Ehtejab (Shazdeh Ehtejab, 1974). 93 minutes.
Directed by Bahram Farmanara. Screenplay by Hushang Golshiri and Bahman Farmanara, after a story by Golshiri. Produced by Telefilm. Edited by Abbas Ganjavi. Music by Ahmad Pejman. On his deathbed, Prince Ehtejab (one of the last of the Qajar dynasty) is assailed by memories and guilt about his family’s cruel deeds. Members of his household cannot understand why he lacks the brutality of his ancestors. The ghosts of his father and grandfather appear, chiding him for failing to continue their despotic dynasty. This film was selected by the International Film Guide in 1974 as one of the top ten films and was a Grand Prix winner, Tehran International Film Festival.

Wednesday, December 11, 6 pm
The Cycle (Daayereh-ye Mina, 1977). 101 minutes.
Directed by Dariush Mehrjui. Screenplay by Gholam-Hosayn Saedi and Dariush Mehrjui. Depicting urban degradation and corruption, The Cycle is a cinematic vision of hell. In this courageous and shocking account of unsavory practices in a big city hospital, a sick, impoverished old man and his young son arrive in Tehran seeking medical treatment but end up at a center where junkies and other outcasts sell their blood for money. The son quickly learns the ways of the capital, living from graft and exploitation.

Starts 9/25/02 6:00 pm
Ends 12/11/02 8:00 pm
Participants Pari Shirazi
Location King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, 53 Washington Square South Screening Room
Cost Free


Program Types: Film Screening