Raw Television: Grassroots Video Activism in New York City, 1970–1980

In conjunction with the exhibition The Downtown Show

The political activism of the late 1960s and early ’70s inspired an electronic media revolution. During the mid-1970s, artists and activists pioneered a new community-based TV forum of expression and introduced new ways of making a documentary. Cable TV’s public access stations grew in tandem with video collectives and grassroots organizations. This panel discussion explores the roots and creative influences of this home-grown medium. Speakers include Deirdre Boyle, Senior Core Faculty Member, Media Studies Program, The New School; Jaime Davidovich, Downtown artist; Julie Gustafson, filmmaker and co-director, Global Village; George Stoney, Paulette Goddard Professor in Film, Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television (TSOA). Moderated by Barbara Abrash, Director of Public Programs, Center for Media, Culture and History, and Center for Religion and Media.

Organized by NYU’s Center for Media, Culture and History, and Center for Religion and Media; co-sponsored by NYU-TV, Department of Art & Art Professions (Steinhardt), Fales Library, and Grey Art Gallery.

Starts 1/27/06 4:00 pm
Ends 1/27/06 6:00 pm
Participants Deirdre Boyle, Jaime Davidovich, Julie Gustafson, George Stoney, Barbara Abrash
Location Einstein Auditorium, 34 Stuyvesant Street (at 3rd Ave. and 9th St.)


Program Types: Panel