Arab Abstraction

Artwork Spotlight: Rachid Koraïchi’s “Sans toi, ni moi, ou l’hallucination nostalgique (Without You, or Me, or the Nostalgic Hallucination)” and “Cet espace incrusté de nos destins (This Space is Inlaid with Our Destinies)”

April 15, 2020 By Yunzhi Pan When it comes to thinking about Arab modern art, it is nearly impossible to overlook the impact of the Hurufiyyah movement. Beginning in the 1940s and lasting into the 1980s and beyond, artists in this loosely defined movement introduced Islamic calligraphy into modern visual art practice. Many of them […]

Artist Spotlight: Saloua Raouda Choucair

April 15, 2020 By Géranne Darbouze I shall be supplied with whatever I need; and, if I have not everything I desire, I may conclude it is either not fit for me, or I shall have it in due time. —Matthew Henry As they say, life has a strange way of making things work out […]