Bay Area

New York City (October 23, 2013)—Artist Jess (1923–2004) and poet Robert Duncan (1919–1988) number among the most fascinating artistic couples of the twentieth century. After meeting in San Francisco in 1950, they created a domestic life together based on mutual intellectual and aesthetic interests that resulted in an array of fascinating artworks and writings. From January 14 to March 29, 2014, New York University’s Grey Art Gallery presents the first overview to showcase their rich artistic production alongside works by their remarkable circle of friends.

New York City (February 28, 2014)—Presenting more than 125 works by five artists who launched their careers in a gritty San Francisco neighborhood in the early 1990s, ENERGY THAT IS ALL AROUND/Mission School is the first East Coast museum exhibition to highlight these artworks that have achieved cult-like status in the Bay Area and beyond. Most are never-before-seen early pieces from the artists’ own collections.