Watch<br>Resilient Antibodies: Creative Responses to COVID 19

Resilient Antibodies: Creative Responses to COVID 19 Co-organized by NYU’s Department of Art & Public Policy (TSOA) and Grey Art Gallery Original program date: November 10, 2020 Art communities began responding almost immediately to COVID-19, mobilizing everything from zines to exhibitions, online performances, and street photography. This panel will explore early curatorial, photographic, and grassroots collective responses […]

Gaming the Field: The Ever-Evolving Relationship Between Museums and Video Games

December 3, 2020 By Monica Marchese Intersections between video games and museums have become more widespread in the past five years. From video games displayed in museums to museums embedded in video games, these intersections all center on the goal of making art more inclusive and accessible. One of the main sticking points for traditional […]

Social Media at the Grey Art Gallery During the Time of COVID-19

November 19, 2020 By Monica Marchese In today’s fast-paced, social media-saturated world, hashtags are a vital part of communicating and disseminating ideas quickly and effectively. Since the birth of Twitter in 2006, hashtags have emerged as the number one way to link content and highlight key subjects in social media and blog posts. Hashtag traffic […]

Watch<br>Behind the Scenes at the Grey<br>Joseph Burwell and Reuben Lorch-Miller in Conversation with Lynn Gumpert

Behind the Scenes at the Grey Joseph Burwell and Reuben Lorch-Miller in Conversation with Lynn Gumpert Organized by Grey Art Gallery, NYU Original program date: October 13, 2020 Artists Joseph Burwell and Reuben Lorch-Miller join Lynn Gumpert, director of NYU’s Grey Art Gallery, for a wide-ranging conversation focusing on their multimedia works—which range from painting, sculpture, and printmaking to installation. […]

Museums and Social Media in the Time of COVID-19

October 28, 2020 By Monica Marchese Social media is a powerful tool, one that museums are increasingly learning to exploit. Now more than ever, museums are moving to expand their online presences. While museums mainly use Instagram and Facebook—to promote their exhibitions and programs, to share object and installation images, and to provide practical information […]

I am reaching out now to share a timely update from the Grey Art Gallery at New York University as we work together through these challenging times. You are undoubtedly aware that, like most museums throughout the world, we have closed temporarily due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We look forward to letting you know our reopening date as soon as we hear from NYU, our governing institution. Along with both our museum and university colleagues, we have had to face the harsh reality of adjusting our programs.