Lynn Gumpert

Watch<br>Tracing: Inventing Downtown

Original program date: July 28, 2020. What is an art scene? How does one form? In this conversation, "Inventing Downtown" curator Melissa Rachleff joined a conversation with Director of NYU's Grey Art Gallery, Lynn Gumpert, and Maya Allison, Executive Director of The NYUAD Art Gallery. Taking the exhibition "Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952–1965" as a point of departure, the conversation explored questions around the definition and formation of art scenes.

Watch<br>Grey Art Gallery NYU @ Art at a Time Like This<br> Lynn Gumpert in conversation with Noel Anderson

Original program date: June 12, 2020. In response to the worldwide outcry against racial injustice, Art at a Time Like This presented a special program featuring Lynn Gumpert, director of the Grey Art Gallery at NYU, and Noel Anderson, artist and professor in NYU’s Department of Art and Art Professions. They discussed matters ranging from discrimination in education and the art world to teaching studio art remotely to the future of museum and university programming in the age of COVID-19.

Watch<br>Taking Shape: New Perspectives on Arab Abstraction<br>Session 1: The Barjeel Art Foundation and “Taking Shape”

Original program date: May 28, 2020. Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi, founder of the Barjeel Art Foundation, discusses this independent, UAE­­­–based initiative, which he established in 2009 to study, preserve, and exhibit modern art from the Arab world, and to foster critical conversations about regional modernisms. Suheyla Takesh, a curator at Barjeel and co-curator of Taking Shape, discusses her role in organizing the exhibition, framing her investigation of modernism’s development in mid-20th century North Africa and West Asia within today’s rethinking of the canon of abstract art. Moderated by Lynn Gumpert, director of NYU’s Grey Art Gallery and co-curator of the exhibition.

Listen<br>“The Picture Is the Window”: Lynn Gumpert and Lisa Corrin on Abby Grey and intrepid art collecting

Original program date: March 4, 2020. In conjunction with the exhibition Modernisms: Iranian, Turkish, and Indian Highlights from NYU’s Abby Weed Grey Collection, Lynn Gumpert, Director of the Grey Art Gallery at NYU and Lisa Corrin, Director of the Block Museum of Art, held a conversation on this intrepid woman collector and the way that her legacy might inform global directions for contemporary collectors.