Rollins Museum of Art

By Sarah Ogden The Rollins Museum of Art recently acquired a new fall collection, which includes multiple exhibitions that touch on various themes. One exhibition, located at the front of the museum, follows the school’s Common Read theme, which this year is empathy and compassion. This exhibition is titled “Art Encounters.” Another exhibition called “Modernisms” is from […]

By Michael McLeod Abby’s Road Here’s an April 1960 entry, dateline, Katmandu, in the diary of a solitary tourist–a determined Midwestern widow named Abby Weed Grey: “My usual feelers were out, trying to find artists. Other travelers might have been suspicious or reluctant to follow the advice of a hotel clerk, but this was my […]

By G.K. Sharman Say “modernism” and many people think of Picasso, Pollock or Dali. But the artistic movement, which celebrated freedom of expression, abstraction, experimentation and occasional social and political messaging, was global in nature and influence. An upcoming exhibition at the Rollins Museum of Art, which runs between September 17 and December 31, brings […]