Self-Guided Walking Tours

Greenwich Village Artists: A Two-Part, Self-Guided Walking Tour

Allen Ginsberg in the East Village: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

Radical Village: A Self-Guided Walking Tour

SoHo Arts Network

The Grey Art Gallery is proud to be a member of the SoHo Arts Network, a working network of non-profit art spaces in and around SoHo. SAN celebrates the rich history of our unique creative community and collectively shares our distinctive cultural contributions to the lives of residents and visitors. You can download this season’s SAN map here, and discover non-profit art spaces in and around SoHo.

On Saturday, April 27, 2019, SAN members will open their doors for the Downtown Culture Walk, a self-guided walking tour, highlighting 19 nonprofit arts spaces in SoHo and nearby downtown neighborhoods. Walkthroughs, talks, open hours, and other programming will be offered for free or reduced admission.
More information, including a map of all participating organizations and the program schedule, is available here.